VOYAGE & SERENITY is an organization that creates a safe, healing journey for the client and family suffering from the disease of addiction by providing intervention, sober companion, and case management services.

Our Tribe

On our journey together in the healing around addiction, it is our intention to make sure no one goes without the support each family member needs.  Together we impel on a voyage in awakening the soul, and walking in the sunlight of the spirit.

Our Purpose

VOYAGE & SERENITY supports the family dynamics around addiction and provides the client one on one guidance with a sober companion to collaborate and create a bespoke routine around specific areas.  Our sober companions are experienced in their own journeys in recovery, and are skilled in supporting our tribe in addictions, eating disorders, and diagnosed depression.  Our endeavor is to motivate and support the progress of healing for families, and guide our tribe towards their true potential.  

Our Difference

Our approach takes into account the cycle of addiction exists within a system.  The components of this system are the client and family members.  Our difference is we focus on healing the entire system from the inside out as a tribe. Case management is included in all our services, so that there is clear communication, and coordination with all parties involved in the recovery process. This is extremely beneficial to the whole system, so that there is guidance for the client and family towards active counseling with therapists, introducing Twelve Step programs, and finding services that best serve them in the healing process; this all in tandem alongside a sober companion and interventionist. A case manager supports the team by keeping consistent alignment between the sober companion and client, and proactively encourages, engages, and hold the structure of accountability for the system.